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The power to integrate your PDF files with DigIn KnoHow™- it is as simple as 1-2-3

DigIn KnoHow™ is a unique automated-discovery solution that delivers content-in-context relationships with certainty across user-defined collections of PDF files, reducing any manual effort by over 70%. More than a productivity enhancement, DigIn KnoHow™ is the next generation of knowledge discovery, affording every user a strategic advantage today.


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Why is DigIn KnoHow™ different?

DigIn KnoHow™ leverages the inherent structure of digital files to discover content-in-context relationships within and between all resources in a collection (i.e., the power of integration). It facilitates objective discovery of relationships from your PDF collections without using metadata, mark-up or databases.


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Why is DigIn KnoHow™ unique? 

Currently, many functions to work with PDF files are available in the marketplace (edit, search, merge, split, convert, archive, email). DigIn KnoHow™ is the only solution that empowers any user to integrate PDF files.



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Why is DigIn KnoHow™ better?

Currently to achieve the power of integration a PDF user would have to search each PDF file in a collection (one at a time); then cut the relevant sections that contain the search term; paste the relevant sections into a folder; and then subjectively organise the relevant sections. DigIn KnoHow™ eliminates the cut-and-paste steps and automates the organisation comprehensively for any query with the additional advantage of objective analytics for further discovery.

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Government Projects

English High Speed Rail


Complete works of Charles Dickens

International Policy

Ministerial Declarations of the Arctic Council


Silicon Valley Bank website press releases

Data Sharing

International Conference on Data Sharing and Integration for Global Sustainability


Arctic Observing Summit 2013


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